Nikhil Sheth

General Manager

Nikhil Sheth is a Masters in International Business from Mumbai, France, and Hungary and has extensive international experience across 35+ industries, including business travels to large parts of European, and the Middle East countries.

  • He is an accomplished professional with practical experience in business development and market research with market intelligence since 2007. His forte lies in management consulting, business development, driving multi-sector trade and investment into India and vice versa via foreign governments and trade delegations, and handholding MSME’s to transform into competitive export units.
  • He has a deep and holistic understanding of market research having worked with various multinationals across a variety of sectors including private equity, healthcare, steel and industrial equipment, FMCG and textile, etc.
  • Through his expertise in business research and advisory, he has mentored multiple Indian enterprises across 35+ cities. Similarly, he has mentored multiple American SMB’s (Small and Medium Businesses) across 20+ American cities on how to succeed and practically conducts business in India.