All of our manufacturing partners/suppliers have to go through stringent quality control checks, to get associated with us. We and our suppliers believe in economies of scale so that we can afford to offer our global clientele high-quality products at economical price points.

With 1500+ skilled labor our textile manufacturing setup spread over a built-up area of 50,000 square feet allows us to produce 1.5 million meters of garments a month. With in-house designers producing 3000+ textile designs annually, our customers never have to run for designs, as we provide them a variety of choices based on their market needs. Printing is done on high-end machines to give the best quality color depth and sharpness. To further enhance the quality of fabric and colour fastness, we are using AZO-free process, rather than traditional silicate-based processes.

We are also using high-end machines for washing and finishing of fabrics, to offer the best feel and colour brightness.

Name Machine Qty Production/day in meters Writeup
Greige Checking Raw woven fabrics when received at the process house are checked for any damages, which are returned back to avoid any printing defect.
Mercerizing Machine 4 125000 This is a very common practice done to enhance dye uptake and further facilitate greater tensile strength of the fabric, more absorptive properties, and usually a high degree of luster facilitating uniformity in dyeing.
Bleaching Machine 4 125000 During this stage any impurities that are not suitable for printing are removed. Greige fabrics have their own natural colour, odor and natural impurities which need to be removed and this is where the bleaching process is carried out.
Dyeing Machine 60 - Jigar 2 - Soft Flow - 4 Zed 80000 Once the cloth is bleached, they can further be passed for dyeing which involves absorption of colour to the internal part of fibre. We do have the capacity It can further process them on soft flow machines which minimizes creasing.
Printing Machine 9 - Flat Belt 6 - Digital 90000
Fully automatic flat belt machine, with 12 heads, allows us to print fabrics up to width 55”. Having a wide range of machinery enables us to print close to 100,000 meters per day of procian, pigment, and digital prints.
Azer Machine 2 150000 Process related to colourfastness, which prevents fading.
Washing Super Machine 1 80000 In washing, residual or hydrolysed dyestuffs are removed from the textile fabric in order to ensure the best fastness and minimum cross-staining of the end product.
Stenter Finish (Center) Machine 8 200000 During this process, the open width form of the fabric is treated so as to set up the required width, weight, and texture of the fabric as per our customer's requirement.
Finishing Machine: Felt Calendar Zero Zero 4
It is this finishing process that gives the texture effect to the fabric which can be felt while holding it with a hand. Finishes can be given in Natural (Felt) or Calendar (Shining) or Zero depending on what our global buyer's requirements are.