Introduced in the year 2017, we are consistently improvising and learning the art of stitching. Having said this, the unit for Men’s and Kid’s Shirt, houses 150 machines which allows us to produce around 30000 Shirts per month. All the skilled workforce are trained to handle pressure when delivery times are short. Be it formal or casual, full or half sleeves, all shirting requirements can very well be managed by us. We can even provide customized options for your Brand Labels and Tags to match your company’s branding requirements.

Men's Shirts

Men's Innerwear

Vests & Briefs

Ladies Inner & Night Wear

Specialized in supplying Ladies wear, we are able to meet any requirements related to panties & bra, t-shirts & night wear. With over 200+ labour force comprising of mostly women, we provide them training and skills to make them independent earning members of their family. Having direct access to fabric and elastic suppliers allows us to produce quality products at affordable rates. This unit is capable of producing around 3 million units of ladies wear annually.



Night Wear


Sanitary Pads

While pads are still considered as taboo and are not used in underdeveloped nations, we offer sanitary pads which are not only affordable, but also reusable at the same time which can be used for a year. Our manufacturing unit for pads employs mostly women to make them self empowered earning members. Pads are offered in 100% organic cotton and are made in micro fleece fabrics to bring the cost down while ensuring quality hygiene with comfort. At this moment, we are able to produce 5000 Reusable Pads per day.

Ladies Kaftan

Kaftan or Deira are widely worn by modern African women, as they provide a feeling of traditional African fabrics, and at the same time provide comfort of modern western wear. Some of them prefer these dressing gowns with Dupatta / Odhani, while some prefer without. Based on your market requirements, we can provide high-quality Ladies Kaftan.